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Hott German Boi


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7 Responses

  1. nh dad Says:

    Cute german boy is already working on a beer belly.I’d still do him though if he’d promise to cum. Nice dick and ass. I like the dicks that curve down – great for getting fucked in the mouth.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Freaking awesome video…wow

  3. miles Says:

    very hot boy,i hope he posts more and cums next time

  4. Wolfman Says:

    I could be wrong,but a German boy with a cut dick,but I still like to suck on that wiener and draw out the cum that I know this German lad has locked in his German testicles.I like to check out that German butt hole also.I just like to get all over that hot German body.

  5. bob Says:

    That kid has a great body and as far as a beer belly I do not think so his Abs are huge I have seen Rasta in the Caribbean that are built like that and they are far from fat the fattest thing on this boy is his cock. I would definitely throw him out of bed “There is more room on the floor”

  6. Zeuse Says:

    He is hot, I’d love to fuck that ass that’s it. He does need to work on those abs though. It shows he does probably consume a lot of alcohol because his belly isn’t that flat.

  7. edward Says:

    This video is wonderful.
    The boy is very very handsome.
    Oh, I want he and the video. 😛

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