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27 Responses

  1. Washington Says:

    That’s why I always think the Brazilian boys have the best butt ever!
    Take a good look at the first photo and understand why.

  2. Justin Says:

    Woah, pic (3) is crazy! I wish I had friends who’d want to do that. Hot friends.
    The guy in pic (15) is hot.

  3. Boys butts | LuxonBiz Says:

    […] Boys Butts | Boypost – gay teen boys and twinks. Free gay porn blog.That's why I always think the Brazilian boys have the best butt ever! Take a good look at the first photo and understand why. Justin Says: … […]

  4. matt Says:

    i luv boys butts.

    they r very sexy 2 watch.

    i’m gay by the way.!!!!

  5. dorvin & bill Says:

    you young men look better than nice butts you are all fab!wish we were young again oh well.

  6. Nitinkumar Says:

    I like your this page to much !Thanks

  7. vy Says:

    pic three is so delicious i wish i was on them and shoved my cock in one of them

  8. Aby Jones Says:

    I love too see sexy boys butts there fun too tuch because i know ive tuched my 18 year old cousin.

  9. Aby Jones Says:

    I like the 21st picture he”s hot

  10. Aby Jones Says:

    I like the 24th picture of the dude in the shower

  11. Rob Says:

    I must be a real pervert. I love to look at all these boy butts and fantasize about tying them up, spanking them and giving them hot, soapy enemas. For some reason, imagining that really turns me on. I knew a guy once who let me do that to him. It was really hot. Hope this “confession” isn’t too “immoderate” for this blog.

  12. steve D Says:

    what Perfect little Poopers,, YummY

  13. gabriel Says:

    Im a top. Any cuties wanna txt me? Gimme ur number 🙂

  14. mikey j Says:

    I would pay to fuck that boy in pic 3……….I busted a hundred nuts to that pic

  15. elyas Says:

    Cute boys porno

  16. elyas Says:

    I fuck 2 young boys befoer I think boys good in fucking the girls so bad

  17. Biker John Says:

    Smooth teen boy butts are the best…I could lick them all night

  18. mike Says:

    This morning i met a barely 18see yr old boy. Im 46 but i still have a boyish tone body. Thisz boy comes over. He tells me boutthis sjte. This kid ben. Blows em all away. 5″3″ 100 lbs. A ass thats cool perfect. We stRted w me lotion masave. Till i hadmy hand in his levis feeling his bubble firn butt. I slid bis pants and underware off and immediatly stearted tongueing his tight perfe t butt. He kept moaning and pushing his ass againztmy face . So i strabled his hips zo my 8″ rock harx dick laid betwenn hisass cheeks. Soon he ztarted pushing my cock up and xow. The crack lubed from. Lotion i aimed my cock head against his lil tight hole. I held ztill let hm push back onme.did not that wNt to hurt him. We ended me unxer him fi
    Uckin his boy butt juzt the site of it maid me wwan a shot same time he said im going tocum now as he jacked off izlid mycock out. We bkth came like a gLlon. Best zex in world witb young zuper tight lilbodies and hardcocks

  19. Leon Says:

    I’m so turned on right now. I just want to jerk off

  20. fred Says:

    Like this Web site nice ass 937 622 5251 txt only flirt wit me

  21. Jacob Says:

    I just turned 19 I’m 5’9 I’m a blonde sexy ass want it to be fucked for real I’m a virgin but Ik what to do I like to be shaved I got a nice tight ass hmu might get together if close enough (; no bullshit

  22. Jacob Says:

    I like to be bottom and top

  23. Kevin Says:

    Number 10 is my favorite I would like to stick my tongue right up his cute little butt hole and then but fucking doggy style bareback and fill that cute little butt out with sperm

  24. Tom Says:

    Not me number 11’s cute little ass need my tongue. I’m sure he has a cute cock to go with it and I will probably cum just eating his ass out…

  25. boy Says:

    I’m real young. 5-3 97 lbs tone.smooth. I don’t know if I’m gay but last night a friends big brother got into bed with me. I was naked he dressed. Until he felt my butt naked. He stripped naked. Saib he was str and never say a word. His tongue licked my balls thighs then he was tongue fucking my butt. I was so scared at first he’s 20 I’m around 18. Lots of boys my age and even more older dudes .str guys too. They all want my boy smooth butt. A guy at the mall about 50 told me for 200$ he’d take pictures of me and pay me

  26. young boy licker Says:

    Four 1 seven six five 5 ooo2

  27. mike jones Says:

    The boy in mirror selfie is my favorite, his little butt is so cute I would spoil him! Man the muscle in his back is hot too!he,s perfect! I would love to c his face! I would swallow him whole! God I can go on and on about him!

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