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Dec 20


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Dec 19



Oct 5


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Jun 12

Lube Your Tube



Feb 23

Short but funny!

Aug 19

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Sep 7

Lovely twink shows his nice ass in the public toilet.


Aug 29

Let’s be perfectly honest here, if you were presented with a fine specimen like Pinky to rub down in a massage, wouldn’t you find it hard to concentrate on the job at hand? To be fair, the ever-gorgeous Noah Matous does his level best to keep to the script in the opening stages. Trouble is, with that fine black butt on full display and the knowledge that there’s an even more appetising black cock pressed up against the massage-table beneath Pinky’s muscular frame, it’s nigh on impossible for a horny young fellow like Matous not to be totally distracted. more…
As a result, what starts off as a professional masseur display very quickly descends – or ascends, depending on your point of view! – into a full-on, no-holds-barred encounter between a black stud and his eager white bitch! Indeed, there’s simply no denying the enthusiasm that Matous displays once he’s been given total access to his buddy’s thick, uncut shaft! Why, the boy’s quite literally like a slut on heat as he grinds his own oiled knob against Pinky’s crotch; before the black dude responds by tossing him over on his front and engaging in a full-on exploration of his cute, white ass!
Clearly one to add a little kink into the mix, however, Pinky’s soon using a lollipop to work that tight little button; giving Matous to chance to suck on it between insertions, before finally fitting his own oversized butt-stretcher into the young twink’s fuck-hole. From that point on, of course, there’s just no going back. Matous quite simply receives the banging of a lifetime; culminating in him creaming-off mid-fuck, before Pinky underlines his mastery of the pairing by squirting his own wad on the lad’s arse!
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Jul 8

The ever-gorgeous Noah Matous is trying desperately hard to study, but it’s clearly something that his two mates, Ray Mannix and Benjamin Dunn, do not understand. Instead of keeping quiet so as not to distract the fellow, the pair engage in a deliberate attempt to sabotage his attempts to read – first throwing popcorn at the boy whilst inconsiderately watching something rather noisy on the computer, then stripping off their clothes and provocatively oiling each other up on the floor.
By this point, of course, Matous throws in the metaphoric towel – deciding to adhere to that old adage that if you can’t change them then you might as well join them! – and, given the performance that he subsequently provides as a result, it’s a decision that he never once comes to regret.
In fact, you could say that when it comes to choosing between studying and engaging in a fabulous suck-and-fuck-fest, the gay teen boy’s heart is only ever really in the one activity – as soon becomes apparent when the trio are busily greasing each other up in anticipation of the hardcore fornication to come!
What ultimately ensues between these horned-up buddies is nothing less than a terrific catalogue of sexual positions – with Dunn serving as a true top, whilst Mannix and Matous take turns to get fucked. So Dunn fucks Mannix; then Dunn fucks Mannix who fucks Matous; then Dunn fucks Matous; and then Dunn fucks Matous who fucks Mannix!
ucks Mannix who fucks Matous; then Dunn fucks Matous; and then Dunn fucks Matous who fucks Mannix! All of which ultimately culminates in the two bottoms spewing busting their nuts; before quite literally jostling over Dunn’s dick as it lets rip with a heavy spurt of baby-brew! In short, an absolute winner all round!
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Mar 13

czech-hunter-new-boy (1) 
Honza always tells me that it is so easy for him to find guys in Bars and Clubs. Well, I decided to check that out again. It has been quite a while since I was on the hunt in a discotheque. I went there early because later at night somebody might mention my cam. And voila. There he was. Sitting alone on a table and waiting for friends. He was a little bit drunk already. Well, better for me. It took me a free drink and the promise to give him enough money for his new mobile and then the straight cutie acted less straight when we came to my love nest. He was quite willing to jerk me off. It was a bit humiliating for him to kneel in front of me but then he started to suck like a gay god. Czech Hunter
czech-hunter-new-boy (2) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (3) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (4) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (5) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (6) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (7) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (8) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (9) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (10) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (11) 
czech-hunter-new-boy (12) 
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