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Jun 22

Wonderful teen boy Vadim from GTS_031l 
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Jun 21

Billy knows not everyone can handle his 10″ monster of a cock. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my cock! But sometimes girls complain that’s it’s TOO big. Fucking bitches!”

Billy strips naked and shows off his smooth and ripped body with his gigantic cock hanging down his leg halfway to his knee! He lazily jacks that monster and sets the bar for how sexy an 18 year old straight guy can be. Totally. Fucking. Hot.
The video opens with a close-up of this stunning 18 year old straight guy’s face. Lingering on his incredible blue green eyes and full lips. Holy crap this guy is fucking cute! He glances down at his own cock and the camera follows his eyes down to his bulging crotch.
His 10 inch cock is rock hard and he gives it a couple of strokes through his jeans before unbuckling his belt and pushign his pants around his ankles. He’s wearing black Calvin Klein boxers and his cock is stretching the thin fabric all out of shape as it surges to the left in a demonstration of horny desire. Billy gives it a couple of strokes inside his shorts before hooking his boxers under his balls and letting that monster free.
He sits back on the couch and holds his cock up for the camera’s unblinking eye. His thick shaft curves gracefully to his right and ends in a swollen cock head that is begging for attention. He grabs his balls with one hand and slowly runs his other hand along the full length of his shaft before taking a second to grind his palm into the sensitive skin of his appreciative cock head.
His eyes flutter for just a second as a shudder of pure pleasure courses through his body. This fit and hung straight dude knows just what to do to get himself off and fortunately there’s a camera in the room today! He watches the camera with his amazing blue eyes as he continues to work his cock. No hurry today…
Billy stands up and pulls of his t-shirt before pushing his underwear down around his ankles. He stands there for just a second and now that he’s bare naked he looks at the camera with a vulnerable expression on his face. He reaches down and grabs his rock hard cock and all doubt disappears from his face… This fit and horny straight dude has nothing to hide!
The camera comes in for another closeup of his beautiful face and traces its way down his body. Past his hairless smooth chest and perfect nipples. Past his ripped abs… All the way down to his magnificent 10 inch cock standing at attention between his legs. He takes his hand away for a minute and lets the camera drink in every last inch of his beautiful boner.
He sits back down and puts his arm up on the back of the couch. A welcoming gesture that’s followed up by a little glance at his rock hard cock – then back at the camera. It’s like he’s asking the camera to get on its knees and suck his beautiful pecker… What a hot a cocky display this talented little fucker is putting on! Love it!
He let shis head fall back on the cushions as he relaxes and concentrates on working his pole. There’s a simple beauty to his actions and it’s clear he’s not acting. This vibrant young man is perfectly natural and his actions are almost playful. He’s straight and only fucks girls but you get the idea that he actually digs the idea of dudes getting off on him too. AND WE DO!!
Billy sits up and holds up his cock one more time for the camera. Looking directly in the lens with a serious expression that lets you know it’s time for this handsome young man to get off. Get to it, straight dude!
He turns his attention to his own satisfaction and his hand becomes a blur on his massive cock. He hips shift forward and back slightly with each stroke as he grinds his cock into his slippery palm – racing towards release. And it doesn’t take long…
He freezes for a split second as the first glob of cum oozes out of his piss slit and dribbles down his meaty shaft. He holds his cock for a couple seconds before returning to the furious jerking motion that got him here. A second shot of cum shoots out of his cock and splatters across his hairless belly as a third and final shot drips down his hand.
He smears that load around his still hard cock and gives his massive pecker a few more strokes with is own cum as lube. The camera hovers over the delicious mess before pulling back to see the satisfied look on this 18 year old straight guy’s face. Beautiful!
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Jun 21

Brit teen boy’s creative masturbation


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Jun 21


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Jun 20

Spin the bottle round two and Porter is at it again. This time Keine is the lucky gay teen boy that the bottle lands on. The rules state he has to give the barely 18 blonde head, and by the way Keine slurps it up we know he’s played before. more…
Then Derrick bends his sleepover guest over, and takes his takes the cute latin twink’s ass for his own. Sorgen’s tight gay teen boy hole gets hammered by his horny twink classmate, as he wanks out a thick, creamy load and is sure to be invited back. more…

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Jun 17

This  gay teen boy is beautiful and extremely sexy. He takes a shower and soap his body. He pats himself. White thick foam slightly covers his body, which makes it even more desirable. He firmly massages his ass, soap it, as if preparing it for a big fun. Then his cock starts to rise and with the help of his other hand, Sergio rises himself to a heavens. more


Jun 16

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Jun 15

When you see a hottie like Chad lying in bed with white undies on its enough to take your breath away. It is refreshing to see someone wearing white undies instead of designer briefs. I couldn’t wait to get started with Chad and his semi hard cock that I could see pressing against his white underwear. More – click Here

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Jun 15

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Jun 6

gay teen boys Luda Wayne and Xavier Powell on Videoboys 
We’ve been slowly trying to ease Luda Wayne into this whole gay teen sex thing but the tough part is finding a gayteen boy we can pair him with. Someone he can feel relaxed with and let it all hang out. more…
This time around it was Luda who suggested that he would like to give Xavier Powell a roll in the hay. They know each other from work and are comfortable enough around each other to joke around. more…
Xavier has even put the moves on Luda a few times to see how he would react. Luda’s reaction wasn’t to grab Xavier’s ass, but rather to invite him in front of our cameras so he can fuck that teen boy ass. And, thanks to Xavier’s peculiar talents, for the first time Luda is beginning to realize that gay teen boys give better head than girls. more…


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