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Mar 28

Young, sweet-faced Tim Law discovers as he’s confronted face-to-face with the enormity of Tyler Johnson’s skyward-turned knob-end. Hey, a few generations back Johnson’s ancestors would’ve been working the dirt to keep Law’s forefathers in pampered luxury; but Law displays no such supremacist views as he worships the black dude’s hugely superior cock with his eager twink mouth, stretching his lips and throat to the max. Finally, the kinky moment we’ve all been waiting for, as the camera captures in glorious detail the sight of Johnson’s monstrous raw black mamba slipping into Law’s hungry ass, signaling the start of a ball-busting union that’ll have you jerking like fury! The cute white-boy never stands a chance, and it’s not long before he’s taking a furious blast of French Black seed all over his face. Equal rights have never looked so good!

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Mar 26

Anderson Lovell and Casey Tanner are this weeks naked Celebrity Chef’s ready to get spicy in the kitchen cooking up some Kung Pao in another episode of "Boy’s Cooking". They may not be the best of cooks but they do know how to get the kitchen hot! Their secret ingredients are foreplay appetizer and steamy sex served as the main course. Anderson lays on the table like a whole raw chicken ready to be stuffed. Sexy, smooth blonde Casey does just that grinding his meat until it’s well-done. more…
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (1) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (2) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (3) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (4) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (5) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (6) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (7) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (8) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (9) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (10) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (11) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (12) 
Kung-Pao-Sex-HelixStudios (13) 

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Mar 14

Belen-Kent-Tough-Stuff (1) 
Belen-Kent. Tough Stuff. Teens-Boys-World
Belen-Kent-Tough-Stuff (2) 
Belen-Kent-Tough-Stuff (3) 
Belen-Kent-Tough-Stuff (4) 
Belen-Kent-Tough-Stuff (5) 
Belen-Kent-Tough-Stuff (6) 
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Mar 4

Games canceled but nobody told Max Carter and Ian Levine. Max takes Ian to a secret spot where the players can play. Ian peels back Max’s jock-strap to suck his boner. Max wants a taste of Ian’s yummy pole too but mostly he too wants to dip his tongue into Ian’s perfect little ass. Max rims his teammate against the wall and Ian yearns to get fucked hard. Max punctures Ian’s tight hole while reaching under Ian’s jock to rub the horny teen gays bone. This scene is a Sport Boy lover’s delight. Starring: Max Carter, Ian Levine Click here

Josh Pierce pops over to Roman Daniels’ place and happens to accidentally get a glimpse of Roman’s cock pic’s. Josh is in to big dicks and asks to see it in person. Just as soon as Roman’s big cock is revealed it ends up down Josh’s hungry throat. Roman loves to give head too, so Josh gets a wet and sloppy blow job that gets him pumped and horny for Roman’s big cock up his tender gay teen boy hole. Roman fucks Josh’s hole hard as Josh’s raging hard cock flops up and down. Starring: Roman Daniels, Josh Pierce Click Here

Catch a replay of Chase Young’s Live Show featuring Aiden Summers. Two of the healthiest sexual appetites in the business put on a cock sucking, spank and fuck fest every moment live and unedited. more…

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 Its-a-Sexy-Party The-Party-Continues
Raw-Bare-Passion Night-of-Passion

Feb 24

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Ken’s out taking a walk in the woods; best thing about the outdoors, you don’t have to find a urinal when you’ve got to go. Pulling out his johnson, he relieves himself and continues on. Wait, who’s that "Porn Star" in the next clearing? Like ducks to water, these two Asian twinks find each other and connect instantly. For, this is "Barebacking the Backpacker;" hmmm, Ken’s got a backpack on. Looks like these two may have something in "cummin’."

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Feb 23

I love it when a hot college guy rides my cock like this!


Plenty Of Dicks

Feb 23

twinks-sex-orgy (1) 
Helix Studios promised to start 2013 with a BANG and we delivered. Opening up with one of the hottest porn couples in the industry, 2012’s Helix Studios exclusives Kyle Ross and Max Carter start with some uninhibited fucking. Soon after one by one the boy hotties of Helix pour out until a full on 7 twinks orgy is underway. Never has anyone seen so much live skin going on all at once. Holes are penetrated, balls are emptied and everyone is left in ecstasy by the end of this one of a kind gay teen boy orgy. more…
twinks-sex-orgy (2) 
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twinks-sex-orgy (4) 
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twinks-sex-orgy (6) 
twinks-sex-orgy (7) 
twinks-sex-orgy (8) 
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Feb 23

After a brief vacation from his gay porn career, Luda Wayne gave us a call a few weeks ago to let us know that he was ready to get back into the rotation. So we asked him to come over to the studio so we could get a look at him. And he was looking damn good. His Kurt Russell dimples and his toned body are really at their very best.
Three-Hole-Stretchers (1)
Luda told us that during his time off he had been developing a taste for anal play and was starting to enjoy the sensation of prostate stimulation. To put his claim to the test we offered him the choice of three different ass-penetrating toys: A big black dildo, anal beads or a butt plug. To our surprise he wanted to try all three. Each one of these toys has a unique quality and a different way of stretching Luda’s untrained asshole. The dildo was definitely the thickest and the longest. The anal beads create an interesting sensation as they’re being pulled out. And the shape of the butt plug will stay in place if you get it in far enough. Guess which one Luda eventually chose to massage his prostate to a cumshot that hits him in the chin? more…

 Three-Hole-Stretchers (2) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (3) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (4) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (5) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (6) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (7) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (8) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (9) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (10) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (11) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (12) 

Feb 22

This video is Paul Canon’s first time ever having a guy fuck him in the ass. The dude who will own Paul’s cherry is Brandon Beal (always good to see him back in our studio). Paul is working overtime not to even think about what will happen. more…


Dec 16

Miro is one of my oldest friends. He had a girlfriend before. Well, slowly but surely he somehow turned gay. I don’t know if this is because of my company and influence. Anyway. He always made jokes about Honza’s and my small homepage. He said that the way I approach the boys is far too difficult. I should come right to the point. My answer was always: try it… and you will see that it isn’t so easy to talk a straight boy into gay sex. This time he agreed to go on the hunt. I gave him a good amount of money. And he nearly spent all on a single student. Well, the boy looked actually quite hot. But was he worth so much money? You will have to check it out. Click HERE
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-3 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-7 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-8 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-9 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-11 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-12 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-13 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-14 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-15 
Czech Hunter – Sexy Teen Barebacked-17 
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