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Jan 22

Alvin-from-HMboys (100) 
Teen gay Alvin, who was just a week or so past his 18th birthday when our photographer took these shots.
Alvin-from-HMboys (101) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (102) 
As you can see, he’s quite slightly built, he’s definitely on the cute side and he exhibits both a mischievous come-hither glint in those gorgeous eyes of his and an enticing patch of boyishly smooth hair around a delightful young cock that’s always looking for action.
Alvin-from-HMboys (103) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (104) 
Our photographer reports that Alvin was a pleasure to work with.  He was cooperative, helpful and imaginative with ideas for poses.
Alvin-from-HMboys (105) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (106) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (107) 
And, while he may not have literally been eating out of our guy’s hands, we are assured that he was more than amenable to sampling the odd tasty morsel or two that found their way that day into his sweet and eager young mouth.
Alvin-from-HMboys (108) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (109) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (110) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (111) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (112) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (113) 
Alvin-from-HMboys (114) 

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Jul 30

home-made-boy-Matus (1) 
Eighteen years old Matus is the newest protégé of our Eastern European model scout Harry.
Just a few weeks ago, the gay teen boy was in a pretty bad way.  Like everywhere else, his country’s economy hasn’t been doing too well lately, and not only was Matus out of a job but he’d also lost his small apartment once he couldn’t any longer pay the rent. 
home-made-boy-Matus (3) 
In fact, he was reduced at one point to begging on the streets – which is where our guy Harry found him. 
Harry is absolutely honest that, at first, all he was planning was to offer Matus a hot meal and a (shared!) bed for the night.
home-made-boy-Matus (4) 
But once he’d got the boy home and had washed all the street grime off him, he could see that Matus was, after all, something of a find.
As for Matus, he was more than happy to be given a place to stay, regular hot food and someone who could organize some paying work for him – which is, of course, exactly where HMBoys comes into the picture.
home-made-boy-Matus (5) 
As you can see from the photos, Matus actually enjoyed working with our photographer that day.  In fact, he’s keen to work with us some more if we get a good response from our members.
So, for the moment, he’s more than happy to stay with Harry and enjoy a life where he’s not begging on the streets for the next meal.
home-made-boy-Matus (6) 
As for Harry, he’s perfectly prepared to continue the current arrangement…  And who, looking at his attractive young houseguest, could possibly blame him?  
home-made-boy-Matus (7) 
"Matus can stay as long as he wants", Harry tells us.
"I’m happy to do everything I can to help him get back on his feet."
home-made-boy-Matus (8) 
Actually, we strongly suspect suspect that, as well as helping Matus get back on his feet, Harry spends quite a bit of time helping the boy get flat on his back.
home-made-boy-Matus (9) 
And, if there’s not quite enough time for that, he’s probably equally happy just to offer the gay teen boy a very eager helping hand! 
home-made-boy-Matus (10) 

More Home Made Boys

Dec 3

Over the past few weeks we’ve followed the saga of the – frankly hideous – pink bathroom. You’ll recall that HMBoy Ernesto hated it… But his boyfriend Rafael just loved it and had a great time splashing about in the warm, soapy water. But Ernesto’s clearly won out in the argument because this week he’s persuaded Ernesto that the bedroom is the only appropriate place where they can show our HMBoys members just what they get up to in private as a hot twosome. Of course, that’s a very wise decision because, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to do it, shooting photos in a bathroom is a pretty tricky operation at the best of times. The water musn’t be too hot and that there’s got to be plenty of ventilation – otherwise the camera lens gets all steamed up and all we see is something approximating to an old Hollywood starlet shot through gauze…  More…
Twinks Ernesto and Rafael from Hmboys015 


Aug 30

HMBoy Ernesto - pretty in pink (1) 
There’s an obvious title to Ernesto’s set of pictures. Pretty in Pink. (Just in case you’re too young to recall, that was the title of a big movie hit in 1986 starring Molly Ringwald – though if you are too young then you probably won’t know who she is either!) Anyway, we nearly didn’t manage to get these pictures to you at all – because Ernesto wasn’t, by all accounts, too happy on the day of his photoshoot. You see, he’s not a boy of whom you can say he’s in touch with his feminine side. So the idea of posing in a pink bathroom (girly pink, he sneeringly called it) was all too much. He claimed to think that posing in a pink setting would make him look gay – a comment that we might have taken just a little more seriously had his boyfriend not been giving him a blowjob at the time (the boyfriend, by the way, quite liked the colour.)  In the end, though, the promise of a few extra dollars won young Ernesto over. In fact, as you can see, he even manages to smile his way through the photographs. You’d almost think that he was having the time of his life (cue for the song of that name from 1987’s Dirty Dancing – but then you’ve probably never seen that one either…) But now you know the truth… Underneath those surface smiles, on the day off his HMBoys photoshoot Ernesto wasn’t so much Pretty in Pink as Pretty Pissed Off in Pink. More…
HMBoy Ernesto - pretty in pink (2) 
HMBoy Ernesto - pretty in pink (3) 
HMBoy Ernesto - pretty in pink (4) 
HMBoy Ernesto - pretty in pink (5) 
HMBoy Ernesto - pretty in pink (6) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (7) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (8) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (9) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (10) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (11) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (12) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (13) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (14) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (15) 
HMBoy_Ernesto_pretty_in_pink (16)

HMBoys – Home made boys
HMBoys - that’s “Home Made” Boys… They’re the boys from next door or down the street - but you’ve never seen them like this! This time they’re behind closed doors, out of their clothes and on their own – or maybe with a special buddy or two. And they’ve got a camera…

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