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  1. I would have sold my soul to see a video of Willy Boy. What a shame it seems to have been taken down. By the way I recently discovered chaturbate through this website. I remember seeing a video of a Czech boy named Martin who didn’t look a day over 18. He did a slow striptease on a bench press followed by his jerking off. I remember how he looked directly into the camera and made faces and stuck his tongue out in a playful friendly way. He was acknowledging and engaging with the viewer which was fantastic. Chaturbate is wonderful because you get to watch a live sex show in real time with a boy who will engage with the viewer (s).I love it. I watched two eighteen year old boy jack off live.

  2. See this drives me crazy. What video was this? You know if it was Willy by himself I have seen it of course and it’s fantastic. I have seen the full length version on the DoggyBoys website. Regarding that Czech boy I referenced above named Martin, he is fantastic also. I have seen him in DVDs from Twisted Demon and Hammer I think. He is featured on this blog in a video compilation from East Boys both by himself jerking off and in a scene with his brother Mick. They are both magnificent. Just beautiful. Willy is from DoggyBoys of course and I just love him.


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