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  1. How do you know his real name is Roman. God look at this kid. Just so incredible. He usually appears to be masturbating which is great. I love his muscular legs and when he touches and holds his dick. He makes me feel so incredibly good.

  2. Willy has such a phenomenal ass, not to mention everything else including beautiful smile and face, but what I wouldn’t give to see just one wide open butt-hole shot like one I just commented on featuring Thomas Wilde’s exquisite ass-hole. It’s funny someone said his real name is Roman. I only knew one Roman on my entire life and that was my 10th grade high school Canadian history teacher who was named Roman Jarymoetz, and he just died. He was half Ukrainian and half Austrian. I’m guessing and assuming that Willy is another of these magnificent Czech boys we love so much.

  3. These fantastic pictures of Willy are from a larger set I referenced elsewhere featuring him walking all through the city. He is absolutely fantastic. How do you know his name is Roman? I have seen all his stuff on the DoggyBoys website and I highly recommend it.

  4. Willy boy.21AU08[BOY POST,TD14MR18] …
    — Know not his ‘real’ name … there is the trade name, using [useful] name, site name, e-mail name, phone name, and more, all excluding the legal name versus the birth name.
    — He is Willy in the Woods, some sort of IMP, seducing men and women so he can eat them or otherwise use them. Name is as relevant as useful to get his prey. He does need to eat, dammit !
    — NICE set of pics.


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