3 thoughts on “Sexy Boyz from CumIntoMyAss”

  1. The bare chested boy you see here in the first picture is Urmas Tilk aka Onlyspring, and he is a DoggyBoys model.

  2. I was about to leave the exact same comment. The bare chested boy is Terrence of Cum Into My Ass and he is also DoggyBoys’ model Urmas Tilk. I think he is always the top. I have never seen him get bottomed. The boy who gets bottomed in the first Cum Into My Ass post on this blog is named George. I’ve noticed that whever he is getting fucked his big teenage cock looks rock hard. So many boys, even if they enjoy it, have soft cocks when being fucked, which is OK too. I have been watching a lot of videos featuring Brazilian porn legend twink boy Riu Melo getting bottomed and have prostate orgasms.


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