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  1. Are these from Physique Pictorial or whatever it was called? These are great. What beautiful boys. Thanks for posting these.

  2. All these pictures are from Physique Pictorial, but there’ nothing about that on here. There was a documentary all about Physique Pictorial which must have been aired on the Out Channel. One of my film teachers from Concordia University in Montreal appeared in the documentary. Physique Pictorial was a magazine. It was started by a Montreal native. There was also a docu-drama movie all about him and his magazine which was Canadian made. I think I bought a few issues of Physique Pictorial and I saw articles and photographs from Physique Pictorial in other gay porn magazines. In pictures 5 and 7 you see boys in Physique Pictorial’s signature posing strap I think it was called. I’m not even sure what it was called, but the magazine featured lots of pictures of boys wrestling like that. I believe that it posed as a men’s health and fitness magazine so that it could hide in plain sight on the newsstands at a time when publishing a gay porn mag would have been unthinkable. There was also a documentary about Physique Pictorial which was aired on Turner Classic movies along with a vintage sex ed film for teen boys which included a candid discussion of masturbation.


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