5 thoughts on “Boys who wear jewellery”

  1. Boy number 17! Sign me up please ! I just discovered another great theme for photo sets of teen boys. I was looking at tank tops and now jewellery. Before that it was pets, and balls, and bums etc. There was also caps and hats and who could ever forget hoodies with that incredible piss-cumming boy? Awkward boner of the day is incredible too. I wish there were a lot more of those. I overheard a boy recently talking about having a “hardy dream”. I guess it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure that one out.

  2. Boys who wear jewellery-21JA09BOYPOST[TD16MR18] …
    — Being particular, and desirous of accuracy, as best can do, NONE of these guys have JEWELRY. {NO ! JEW-elry does NOT come from JEW, derives NOT off the religion’s name, language, NOR its peoples. Egypt still exixts. The Phoenicians fail to survive as a race but are not stupid [they make books and the word BIBLE, ha ha ] The Latins and The Greeks rich also do jewels, ha ha } Neck lace is also another matter.
    — OH ! Forget to write that the neck wear is not a necklace. it is a neck wear, neck chain, or neck hang. ha ha.
    — Some of the guys above this writing are as sweet as plums. The neck wear is accentuate.


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