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  3. Not exploiting Latino boys … exploiting ITALIAN boys (If you’ve bothered to check the biographical material).

  4. I find it interesting, “catholic,” you object to the subject matter and inject exploitation, but you do not know if the boys were fairly treated, you do not know that they are Mediterranean (better word choice than either Latino or Italian) and in spite of any/all objection you may have, you appear to have surfed in and looked at them, then needed to object to them. Work on your vocabulary: Latin, Latino, Italian, Mediterranean, and HYPOCRITE. Further to it all, this is NOT gay art, it is a study of the male nude, nobody is having any sort of sexual contact or arousal, so what makes it “gay?”

  5. These are all beautiful. Just great. So these are Italian boys I guess? I tried enlarging them, but had no luck, but still what beautiful boys. Fantastic pictures. Thanks for posting these.

  6. (Baron) Wilhelm von Gloeden-27FE09BOYPOST[TD16MR18] …
    — The MOORS invade ITALY and SPAIN and SICILY long before the Islamists. the Islamists come AFTER the MONGOLIANS invade Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. (The Mongols do not get to Sicily). The apogees from GREECE come to Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Egypt, North Africa and shores of the Black Sea way before there is any Rome and way before any LATIN. Phoenicians ditto. If you want to play slavery and exploitation, then tell who builds the fourteen Chinese walls ? The builders are not volunteers. Ditto the pyramids. Do not game the exploiting dice nor the slavery card with reality. You would be a liar and exploiter your self.
    — Wilhelm von Gloeden NEVER has any body but volunteers to photograph. NEVER NO BODY TO SLAVE.


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