3 thoughts on “Some qute couples”

  1. I only just discovered these photo sets dealing with the theme of couples. These are as always just great. The photo with the 2 naked bums is I hope of two boys pissing together, I so want to believe that they are pissing. These are all just great. Would you consider posting some pictures of David Hines from the eastboys website?

  2. I was just trying to see if I could find more of these teen boy photo sets which I love so much, and I think I am starting to master how the search engine works and figure out how it thinks, but so many times it’s a lot more fun when I discover something new by accident or by random chance. Now I know for example that the quickest way to find the post blue eyes twink blowjob is just to type in the word “blue”. I tried the word “kissing” looking for photo sets featuring more beautiful young teen boys and instead I found a couple of Helix Studios posts I hadn’t seen before, which are all great. I am planning to get another Helix membership next month, but I can’t really join all these sites or I would have no cash left over for chaturbating. I will try and see what I can type in at random to find another photo set. I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that I searched everywhere for a post featuring Vitas, the beautiful blond I think east European boy stripping while banging on his drum set. I gave up and thought it had been removed, but then found him again by chance when I wasn’t looking several times, same with one of my all time favorites Willy from DoggyBoys. There was another post I just loved which I’ve never been able to find again, a photo set featuring a beautiful teenage boy fully clothed in every picture, but just so beautiful I couldn’t get enough of him. I don’t know who he was, but the pictures must have been removed. I saw them in an internet café when I didn’t own my laptop.


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