Beautiful Willy boy

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15 thoughts on “Beautiful Willy boy”

    • Willy is one of my all time favorite porn stars and he inspired me to buy a laptop and get the internet at home after I discovered him here on Boypost in his beautiful orange shirt. I only recently discovered that he is also a model for Dolphin Entertainment and starred in a movie titled Young and Innocent Vol. 4. I had seen the cover of the box of this DVD many times and was always struck by how incredibly beautiful the boy featured on it is, but it came as a total shock to me when I suddenly realized that beautiful exquisite boy is also Willy.
      I once paid $70 for just one Dolphin Entertainment DVD, but it wasn’t this one. It was Maric’s Weekend. I love Dolphin videos and other things made by Alex Clark like OTB. By the way Willy I gather is also called Willy in the credits to that DVD.

    • You should check out all of Willy’s DoggyBoys posts on this blog I think there are four. Here is a link for Maric’s Weekend:

  1. Romeo.I did look at your site.I was not that impressed with it,but that just me.

  2. This series of photos of Willy is really exceptional even by the standards of any pictures of him. He is just so beautiful I can hardly believe it.

  3. What could be more perfect than this. A series of photos of a beautiful teenage boy masturbating and taking off more and more. Just look at his legs and face.I would love to see more pictures of boys like this sitting on the toilet with their pants down around their ankles. I just loving looking at and thinking about Willy’s sperm.

  4. This is so perfect a teen boy strip tease and jerk off. In the last picture he looks so beautiful, content, and satisfied, and it looks like he’s thinking that the orgasm wasn’t too shabby.

  5. I’ve often thought that teen boy sperm should be sold in metal tins like caviar.

  6. Part of what makes this so fucking perfect is that he is already masturbating in the first frame unlike I think any other set of photographs featured on this blog.

  7. If you check out the last picture he looks so relaxed and content and post-orgasmic.

  8. This set of photographs featuring Willy is just beyond amazing. I love his orange shirt.


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