3 thoughts on “More twinks with pets”

  1. These pictures are all so great, but the boy with the piglet is funny. I would love to see some pictures of naked teen boys riding horses bareback. I have seen some DVDs featuring naked Russian teen boys riding horses from Dolphin Entertainment. My father had two farms and one was a horse farm. I miss being around horses, except for the biting. That hurts like hell. I always remember hearing about this famous French author who on more than one occasion crossed paths unexpectedly with a naked Gypsy teen boy riding a horse and fainted dead away each time. There is a life size realistic metal sculpture of a horse for sale outside of an antique store on Bank Street in Ottawa, Canada, near Billings Bridge. I always think it would be a perfect prop to photograph teen boys sitting on. I remember seeing wonderful photographs of supermodel Scott Madsen, if I spelled that right I hope, riding naked on a wooden merry-go-round horse. I would really really like to see pictures of boys riding zebras.

  2. By teen boys I mean 18 and 19. How about some pictures of boys at the zoo. They love the petting zoo so much.

  3. I have heard of boys horse back riding themselves to orgasm. I guess that means they cum in their pants. I have worked as a stable boy on a farm, but I have never ridden a horse. They’re kind of scary. They’re so big they could kill you without even trying.


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