Boys Halfway House Incident #153

The attention span of the younger generation is shorter than that of a gnat.  Instead of being brought up by their parents, they are weaned on electronic devices and social media.  This affects the brain, and is akin to being locked up in a room full of slot machines that constantly need fed.  The saddest part is that even those places in which full fledged attention is needed most – like recovery meetings, are affected.
In spite of the rules and constant warnings, the younger guys reach for their phones and start scrolling without even realizing it.  We hear about this a lot from the meeting leaders, and we try our best to keep it at bay.  The only other solution would be to take their damn phones away, which would make this place like a prison.  We want these guys to not feel incarcerated, but to knowingly and willingly participate in the improvement of their behavior.
This new guy is such a tweeker that he can’t go 10 seconds without looking at his phone.  It’s a big problem, but one that we believe he is finally getting a handle on, at least after this last “corrective session.”  He didn’t have much to say when we asked him about texting during the meetings, so we took him through a whirlwind punishment tour that included a lot of our dicks in a lot of his orifices.
He actually looks pretty good with two dicks stuffed in his mouth.  He’s got a nice body, and a beautiful bubble butt.  Too bad for him that he was so virginal – it seems like that cock didn’t feel too pleasant ramming against his innards.  But after sucking a lot of dick, even ass-to-mouth, and getting slam fucked and seeded, it seems like this guy might just be learning his lesson.

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