Young masturbator’s own tricks

He is still a quite young man, but he has already developed his own masturbation technique for maximum pleasure. Watch him jerk off, as he is striking and squeezing his hard cock, using a lot of tricks to that you also can practice at home. Wouldn’t it be fun to masturbate together with this young twink?

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4 thoughts on “Young masturbator’s own tricks”

    • This is exactly what I was looking for, this beautiful teenage boy sitting on the toilet with his pants down around his ankles jerking off. So much new material is being added constantly to this blog that it can be difficult going back and finding things. I see he is wearing that porn star gold chain around his neck which it seems like most of them have. If only I could find out who he is. I just love this video and this post.

  1. I know I’ve seen this boy some place before and he’s wearing the gay porn star gold chain around his neck like a dog collar. I have the strangest feeling that he’s Australian. Maybe there’s something about the toilet that makes me think he’s Australian. I see the previous post also features a blond boy, I mean the one above this one from Enigmatic Boys, another blond twink teen boy.

  2. There’s nothing back at that website that gives you a clue who or where this boy is. The video was posted two years ago, but God knows when it was made. I’m assuming this was not just home made because of the porn star gold chain. I looked at the All Australian Boys website to see if he was one of theirs, but no luck. He looks so familiar. I wonder if he lives in my apartment building.


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