Hard boy tool on video

Scottish Big Cock Jord is back with new videos on PornHub. He is an expert on masturbation with two hands, gripping and shaking his hard boy tool and making his newly shaved balls jump up and down. Fun to watch. The other video is also nice as you can see more of Jords nice twink body.

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  1. Thank you for posting these. I was going to say that I couldn’t recall seeing another Scottish boy doing porn before, but then I remembered just one other in a video I have been trying to find again. Actually the video I am thinking of is with the same two British guys who picked up Kai Alexander in their car. There was another video where they pick up a beautiful Scottish boy. I typed sex in a moving car into the search engine. There is also a fantastic video with Troy Ryan having sex in a moving car from Helix Studios which I’ve seen. I don’t see how that could be real because passing motorists would be able to see them. It must be filmed in a studio with special effects. This boy is in Glasgow. I have actually been there. Thanks again for posting these.


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