Cute 18 yo Smooth Boy

If you are a twink lover and enjoy the slim bodies and smooth skin of pretty young boys, here is a video for you. This young masturbator performs a solo show, where you can enjoy not only a big cock but also, the rest of his body from different angles. Thank you Paul Smile for sending us this and other suggestions for content to publish here on BoyPost.


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10 thoughts on “Cute 18 yo Smooth Boy”

  1. I have never seen so many 18s before. There is May 18, 2018, & 18 y o. 3×18. Thank you for posting this. I wonder if it’s from 19N. He must be Russian. Look at the electrical sockets. They are Russian. Thanks.

  2. This has all the hallmarks of a 19 Nitten video, but I can’t figure out who this boy is. He does not appear to be featured on their website or in any 19 Nitten post featured on Boypost. Does anybody know who he is? He has to be Russian. Just look at the electrical sockets in the wall.

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  4. 1. — Only see one electric socket. Sock It To It. Male
    2. — His plug gets amp. Whatts ? Light it up !
    3. — The electrical tower night time red light just goes out. Must be day time … like, uh, a loving a becoming. mmmm.
    4. — Or, is that bunching down of its wires making a grounding ?
    ha ha ha

  5. Someone in Saint Petersburg told me the video is definitely from 19 Nitten and is Russian, but I don’t have a clue who the boy is. If you are starting a new company in Melbourne I hope you can hire Kody Blue. He must live in Melbourne.

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