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Here we have four different guys who have posted their masturbation videos on PornHub. Maybe they shot the videos to look at themselves, to get horny for another jack off. Or maybe they know that they are sexy young men, with big cocks and just made the videos to make other gay boys horny as hell. They are quite good videos. But what is your theory?


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  1. I have some idea about why these were made. The last one titled “Video As Promised With Moaning” I have actually watched many times it is so good, and there is more than one version of it on Pornhub. It appears to have been made for one person. I suspect the boy is a webcam broadcaster and that the video was custom made according to the specifications of one client and was bought & paid for of course, but I have no idea. The second to last one is from You Love Jack. There is other content from You Love Jack posted on Boypost like pictures featuring I think his name is Thomas Wilde or Tom Wilde. There are pictures and videos of him already on Boypost also from Squirtz I think. The first boy I have also watched before. I think he may have his own channel on Pornhub and may have made porn videos with girls also. The third boy I don’t have a clue. I have never seen him before.

  2. PS: I think You Love Jack is Canadian and based out of Montreal and is affiliated with Squirtz and Video Boys.

  3. The first boy is Belovedpsycho. He is 23 years old and American and he is a webcam broadcaster. He has posted 17 videos on Pornhub. They are all masturbation solos. He has his own Pornhub channel (of course).

  4. The third boy is Bigfufu303 and he is also 23 like the first one and has his own channel on Pornhub, and also like the first one he is American. He has posted just one less video than the first boy with a total of 16.


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