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Apr 22

Bobby Long – Bobby has been out of circulation for almost two years now (and by that I mean no sex with boys for 2 years!). He’s been living in a small town outside of Montreal with a job and girlfriend and really no opportunity to pursue some of his favorite pleasures.
But the pressure was building and for the past six months Bobby couldn’t stop thinking about how great a bit of boy on boy action would feel. Finally his resolve broke and last week he showed up at our door looking for a fix. His pick: smooth twink Dominic Couture.
Dominic Couture – Dominic also had been disillusioned with the Montreal lifestyle and recently moved back to a smaller town two hours away. We didn’t expect he’d want make the trip all the way back here for a few hours of sex on camera but we knew he really liked the "bad boy" type so we gave him a call just in case. bobby-dominic1004 
When we told him we needed a partner for Bobby Long, he accepted immediately. Seems he already knew who Bobby was. We noticed that about 10 minutes after our phone call he had sent out an urgent message on Facebook requesting an unscheduled hair cut. Watch for Dominic’s boner in this scene. He may be soft in the moment before Bobby puts it in, but you can literally watch him get harder with each stroke.
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Feb 24

Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (1) 
At the ripe old age of 22 Dominic Couture has had his share of hot sex with teen gays (18+) he’s picked up at clubs, and he’s developed the skill of sizing up potential partners with just a glance. So you could forgive him for thinking that eighteen year old Skyler Dallon might be a bit shy and inexperienced in bed.
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (2) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (3) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (4) 
After all, Skyler’s cherubic face and his diminutive size give off a vibe of youthful innocence that you don’t often see in clubs. Dominic himself really only started into an active sex life after the age that Skyler is now.  But Skyler, driven by powerful urges, started into his sex education very early in life and now has a degree of sexual experience that many older men would envy.
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (5) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (6) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (7) 
So when they got right down to it, Dominic was taken by surprise. Skyler’s eager and skillful participation in everything Dominic had to offer didn’t correlate with his look. Far from having to coax Skyler to try new things or show him what to do, Dominic may have even learned a trick or two about sucking cock from Skyler. And by the time they got to fucking, it was clear to Dominic that he didn’t need to handle Skyler with kid gloves.
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (8) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (9) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (10) 
As soon as he had Skyler bent over, Skyler backed right up onto Dominic’s rock-hard dick without so much as a whimper or a pause. He wanted that cock in him and he wanted it immediately.  Dominic took the cue and began fucking Skyler like he was his own personal fleshjack. Only the stamina of youth allowed them to fuck so hard for so long. They may look like smooth little angels but they fuck like wild animals.
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (11) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (12) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (13) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (14) 
Cumming-of-Age-on-Videoboys (15) 
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Dominic- Jimmy-The-Balcony-Scene

Nov 5

The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 1 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 2 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 3 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 4 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 5 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 6 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 7 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 8 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 9 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 10 
The Balcony Scene from VideoBoys 11 
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Maxwell-Marteau-Takes-It-To-The-Next-Level First-Date-Adrenaline-With-Bobby-and-Dominic 
Maxwell-Marteau-Masturbation-Master Anticipation-Finally-Shane-Fucks-Tyler

Dec 16

Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (1) 
Sure Joey Lafontaine has a girlfriend and there can be no denying that he’s attracted to girls. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t find the occasional guy attractive. And more to the point, as he clearly states, he needs some penis sometimes. And Joey’s penis longings are not simply for aesthetic reasons. A nice hard cock has a more practical purpose: ass stimulation. So after more than four months of girl-boy sex, Joey was in desperate need of some prostate play. So he went to the local sex shop and picked up his ideal dildo and brought it over to show us just how he does it. And let me promise you, Joey knows how to use every inch of that dildo. more…
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (2) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (3) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (4) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (5) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (6) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (7) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (8) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (9) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (10) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (11) 
Joey-Lafontaine-Needs-Some-Dildo (12) 
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video boys video boys 2
video boys 3 video boys 4

Feb 23

After a brief vacation from his gay porn career, Luda Wayne gave us a call a few weeks ago to let us know that he was ready to get back into the rotation. So we asked him to come over to the studio so we could get a look at him. And he was looking damn good. His Kurt Russell dimples and his toned body are really at their very best.
Three-Hole-Stretchers (1)
Luda told us that during his time off he had been developing a taste for anal play and was starting to enjoy the sensation of prostate stimulation. To put his claim to the test we offered him the choice of three different ass-penetrating toys: A big black dildo, anal beads or a butt plug. To our surprise he wanted to try all three. Each one of these toys has a unique quality and a different way of stretching Luda’s untrained asshole. The dildo was definitely the thickest and the longest. The anal beads create an interesting sensation as they’re being pulled out. And the shape of the butt plug will stay in place if you get it in far enough. Guess which one Luda eventually chose to massage his prostate to a cumshot that hits him in the chin? more…

 Three-Hole-Stretchers (2) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (3) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (4) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (5) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (6) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (7) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (8) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (9) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (10) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (11) 
Three-Hole-Stretchers (12) 

May 21

Since Jake Bass did his fantastic first solo we’ve been enthusiastically anticipating what Jake could do with another warm body to play with. Bobby Long eagerly volunteered to be Jake’s mentor and guide through his first duo scene.
But Jake didn’t really need much guidance. As we suspected, he knows his way around a cute gay teen boy’s body and he knew just exactly the right buttons to push to send Bobby over the top. The truth is, they had a little "getting to know you" session the night before.
The combination of Jake’s bedroom skills and Bobby’s lusty appetites resulted in one of the most cum-drenched moments in Videoboys history. click here
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Dec 19

Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (1) 
Since he first appeared on our site a couple of years ago, Justin Lebeau has been one of our favorite models to work with and also an overwhelming favorite of Videoboys viewers. With each new video that Justin appears in, we get to know him a little bit better. In this video Justin reveals some new things about himself. more…
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (2) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (3) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (4) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (5) 
Like for example, even though he has a sweet innocent look, did you know that Justin likes his sex hard and dirty? And did you know that even though Justin was an amazing performer in is first fuck scene with a boy (Ashton Hardwell), he was actually extremely nervous? And finally, did you know that Justin has never tasted cum before? Well, with this video we endeavour to improve Justin’s relationship with cum. more…
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (6) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (7) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (8) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (9) 
Justin_Lebeau_Takes_Cum_in_His_Face (10) 
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Jun 6

gay teen boys Luda Wayne and Xavier Powell on Videoboys 
We’ve been slowly trying to ease Luda Wayne into this whole gay teen sex thing but the tough part is finding a gayteen boy we can pair him with. Someone he can feel relaxed with and let it all hang out. more…
This time around it was Luda who suggested that he would like to give Xavier Powell a roll in the hay. They know each other from work and are comfortable enough around each other to joke around. more…
Xavier has even put the moves on Luda a few times to see how he would react. Luda’s reaction wasn’t to grab Xavier’s ass, but rather to invite him in front of our cameras so he can fuck that teen boy ass. And, thanks to Xavier’s peculiar talents, for the first time Luda is beginning to realize that gay teen boys give better head than girls. more…


Jun 13

The atmosphere at a public swimming pool can be thick with sexual excitement. And Casey Devereaux knows full well how much of a turn on the locker room at a swimming pool can be. As a life guard for the past 4 years he’s spent plenty of time in the pool, in the locker room and in the showers. And he has stories, surprising stories. more…

Full video clip
So now just the smell of chlorinated water can make Casey hard. In this scene Casey relived some of those great locker room memories. Standing under the steamy cascade his speedo started to bulge when he remembered the time with that instructor who was just a bit older than him. He pulled out his nine incher, which looks particularly huge on this skinny 18 year old, and began jerking at the thought of what happened on that memorable summer day. more…
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1001 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1002 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1003 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1004 Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1005 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1006 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1007 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1008 
Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1009 Casey Devereaux: Lifeguard Hits the Shower1010 
more photos wirh Casey Devereaux
01 02
03 04
05 06
07 08
09 10
11 12


May 14

Our favourite little thug boy, Bobby Long has been off the radar for months now and, because he is so popular, we really wanted to get him back. So finally he made time in his busy schedule to do a little bit of showing off for Videoboys. So the theme of the shoot was show and tell. After sitting chatting in the park, we took Bobby inside and focused on his foreskin for a bit, found out what it means to him and what he does with it. Then Bobby told us that he has a rare skill: he can jerk off and shoot directly into his mouth from a sitting position. We were skeptical but he was ready to give it the old college try. One way or another we were destined to see wads of cum in his mouth. Read more [+]
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 01 
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 002 
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 003 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 004  
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 005 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 006  
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 007 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 008  
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 008 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 009  
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 010 
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 011 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 012 
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 013 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 014 
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 015 Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 016 
Bobby Long's Foreskin Frenzy 017

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