Jackson Price – Twice if I like it!

Jackson is straight but he’s totally open about his sexually and he’s not afraid to try new things. So we gave him a butt plug and a video camera and let him figure the rest out! Once the camera is set up he flops back on the couch and pulls out his massive uncut cock before slowly poking his fingers into his ass. That feels good so he slides an Aneros prostate toy up there and as soon as that little wonder rubs up against his prostrate he blasts a huge load of cum all over his black t-shirt! Based on the big smile on his face I’d say he likes it! The video opens with Jackson fiddling with the camera a little bit before he slides back to the couch with a cheesy grin on his face. You can tell he’s having a blast right of the bat and man, is he cute! He gives his cock a couple of rubs before standing up and letting his shorts fall to the floor in a heap. He sits back on the couch with his rock hard 8 inch uncut cock stretching his briefs all out of shape. You can see the outline of that monster perfectly as he gently caresses the shaft through the thin red fabric that seperates him from his manhood. He pulls the leg band up a bit and finally lets us see his pefect — more…
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Twinks with medals for beauty

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Twinks_with_medals_for_beauty (18) Twinks_with_medals_for_beauty (19)
Twinks_with_medals_for_beauty (20) Twinks_with_medals_for_beauty (21)

How do you turn a straight guy into doing something gay I ask. Well, how about catch him on video jerking off in the shower, and tell him that if he does more, he could make lots of money. That is exactly what this two roommates did. At first I thought that the guy will get so mad, but it turned out he didnt mind is so much. After calling a few other friends to come over, and drinking some shots, everyone was willing to make that extra dough. This dorm party turned into a big gay fuck fest real quick. More…

Broke Straight Boys – Daxter and Rabib

I invited Rabid to come back to us after a couple of weeks off to see if this was something that he could do or not, because the last time he was here he had some trouble performing. Since the last time he was here, he landed a girlfriend, and is still very much broke. Now, Daxter is back again for another shoot as well to be in with Rabid. Now, this was a complete surprise to both of them, and I wanted to see the reaction I was going to get out of both. Rabid wasn’t very excited about $1500 for sucking and getting fucked for that amount. To see how smart they were I offered them $3000 to split between the both of them, but then they realized that it was still the same amount. More…

Agreeing to start the scene out slow, Rabid said that he would see how far he was willing to go. Daxter too had never done anything with a guy before, so he was just as nervous. Standing up both guys got undressed and as soon as Daxter turned to the camera I could see that he already had a boner going on. Taking a seat on the couch, the two of them were nervous in getting started, so I just instructed Rabid to start giving head. He leaned over and placed the erect, curved penis in his mouth and started sucking. He started with a bang, and Daxter placed his head on the back of Rabid’s head to make him go further down. Moving to the floor, Rabid got into more of a comfortable position. As he went down on the dick, he was able to get most of it in his mouth. Deep-throating was something that Rabid was proving to be good at. More…

Broke Straight Boys
Broke Straight Boys - Every Straight guy has his price

Twinks Have Locker Room Love

tt063_kaydendaniels_prestonandrews_034 tt063_kaydendaniels_prestonandrews_004
Gay Life Network
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tt063_kaydendaniels_prestonandrews_094 tt063_kaydendaniels_prestonandrews_110 tt063_kaydendaniels_prestonandrews_144

After gym classmates taunt Preston Andrews he sulks in the locker room with sympathetic friend Kayden Daniels. Kayden really wants to cheer his friend up and if sucking on his dick is the only way to do it then so be it! They blow each other fiercely before Preston uses his wet cock to fuck Kayden right there in the locker room. More…

Gay Life Network

Boy Gusher – Tristan

Today’s sneaky jerk is with Tristan a cute guy I met at the local gas station. We were both pumping gas, and I was thinking how great it would be to pump his cock with my hands. We talked for a few minutes at the gas pumps and I offered to pay his gas bill if he came home to hang out with me for awhile. He thought that was a great idea, so we were both soon driving back to my place. After we got to my place we hung out for quite a long time chatting and watching t.v. When it got pretty late he crashed on the futon. That was my queue to scoot in there sneaky style and begin to play with his cock. I loved his little hairy trail that led from his belly button into his fun zone. I slowly made my way into his shorts and began feeling up his cock when he woke up and saw what I was doing. I was shocked at what a light sleeper he was. He didn’t say stop, so I continued to take off his undies. More…

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Twinks Ernesto and Rafael from Hmboys

Over the past few weeks we’ve followed the saga of the – frankly hideous – pink bathroom. You’ll recall that HMBoy Ernesto hated it… But his boyfriend Rafael just loved it and had a great time splashing about in the warm, soapy water. But Ernesto’s clearly won out in the argument because this week he’s persuaded Ernesto that the bedroom is the only appropriate place where they can show our HMBoys members just what they get up to in private as a hot twosome. Of course, that’s a very wise decision because, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to do it, shooting photos in a bathroom is a pretty tricky operation at the best of times. The water musn’t be too hot and that there’s got to be plenty of ventilation – otherwise the camera lens gets all steamed up and all we see is something approximating to an old Hollywood starlet shot through gauze…  More…
Twinks Ernesto and Rafael from Hmboys015