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EastBoys is a special kind of gay porn studio. Their trend mark seems to be to find gay guys who are a bit more masculine than models in comparable studios. As an attempt to promote their site, they have published a selection of their gay porn videos at Porn Hub. And Boy Post is glad to post some of them to keep our followers updated. But EastBoys also have some fem boys in their stable, so nobody will be disappointed.
There is always a combination of sexy guys in their sets, who are able to please their audience by sucking cock, jerking off and to fuck bareback. A big cock seems to be a necessary equipment to become one of their models, and the ability to use that cock for maximum pleasure as a masturbator or a master fucker. So, check out the videos we published, and if you want more of the same, sign up as an EastBoys member.

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Two Young Men’s Love Affair

A beautiful picture gets even better with a nice frame. Helix is trying to create the framework for their beautiful male gay porn stars activities by telling us a story about how these young gentlemen met at the airport. Well, we can skip the story, even though it is nice to watch the guys kissing and undressing. But the hot sex action is what we’ve been waiting for. And, of course, they adore each other’s slim and trimmed bodies, nipples, cocks, assholes and more.
Austin Lovett is the shorter and more fem boy, so he gets fucked first by Seth Peterson, who is a bit bigger. But soon the roles are changed and suddenly Austin is on top. And both guys seem to like it any way they perform this gay sex. It is delightful to share these tender moments of the two young men’s love affair.

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Guys with Delicious Cocks

As an independent site, who just want to post the very best of gay porn, Boy Post are impressed by the high standard of content we have found at the Freshmen. It seems as if they can attract the most beautiful boys, who want to become famous porn stars. It’s not just about models who have that perfect body shape, delicious cocks and smooth skin, but the professional photographers also capture the sex activities in a perfect way, as well as the spirit and the excitement of gay twink love.
The rimming of young guys asses and the blow jobs is filmed in a sensual and utterly sexual way. Jorik Tautou and Carl Avignon Are typical examples of those young guys who are physically fit, equipped with big cocks and who love to fuck bareback. If you like them, there are several similar models in Freshmen’s files, so sign up as a Freshman member.

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True Twink Andy with Slim Body

Andy Taylor is a young guy and a devoted Porn Hub performer, with 58 videos in his portfolio. And they all have very high scores, so the porn loving audience seems to adore this young man. It is obvious that Andy is a true exhibitionist. Most videos are solo performances where he is jerking off in front of the camera. In other videos he has a partner, a more mature man who never takes off his clothes.
True-Twink-Andy-with Slim-Body
His role seems to be the admirer of Andy, and to show how much he loves him. He offers a helping hand in the masturbation activities, sucks Andy’s beautiful cock, and gives Andy a kiss or two. The scenes are mostly indoors, but also outdoors in a rural area, where Andy’s big dick gets some fresh air. Andy sure has a very sexy, slim body and he is a true twink role model.

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Another Lucky Gay Porn Newcomer

There is another newcomer at French Twinks, Axel Ford. This studio seems to be attracting young men in droves, who aspire to become famous porn stars. And of course, if you have been watching the gay porn they produce, and you are a horny gay young man yourself, why not try your luck to become a model in their team. You will be able to fuck around with other sexy gay men, and to get paid to do it.
In his first appearance, Axel is paired with one of his porn idols, handsome Timeo Blondel. Both guys get turned on and start exploring what’s in the partner’s underwear. And, soon they are sucking cock and rimming ass like they were boyfriends and done it all the time. Alex turns out to be the top, and his hard cock is willingly entering Timeo’s well lubricated asshole as Axel is turning him upside down for better penetration.

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Hot Latino Twinks

We have always been passionate about Latino guys and are very happy that Helix Studios is focusing on a Latino theme. There are more episodes to follow, and the first one is very inspiring. The scene is a pool party, as you can see, where a bunch of Helix hot porn stars have been assembled. You can enjoy them playing around in the pool, but the most interesting action takes place indoors.
There two of the sexy young men perform an intense man to man love activity. They easily get turned on and start massaging, hugging, kissing and very soon sucking and bareback fucking. The Latino way to make love is technically no different from any other gay couple, but the intensity and the passion is extraordinary. Just enjoy these sexy guys, their hot bodies and their smooth skin.

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Two Fit Young Men

Someone stated that “blonds have more fun”. Well, if you have black hair, don’t accept it as a fact. But some guys, like the adorable porn stars here at Doggy Boys, they bleach their hair to proof that it is true. So, they have fun gay sex as only blonds can have. Of course, when you have a slim and trimmed body and a big cock, as both guys have, that all it takes to be an attractive guy for an equally beautiful partner.
It doesn’t matter what color your hair has. No wonder that they like to rim their partners shaved assholes, and to suck the beautiful cock of their partner. It is a pleasure to watch Mariano and Nick, these two physically fit young men as they are fucking bareback. However, in real life and not at these porn fantasies, we must recommend that you use a condom with any new partner.

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Self-suck King

Most of the self-suck videos, we have come across, are with really young guys. Those guys seem to be short, have the perfect combination of a flexible spine and a big cock. But here at PornHub we found Dimi, who is around 25 yeas old and a master self-sucker. Dimi has his own video-channel, and he has published several videos of himself as he enjoys the taste of hid hard cock.
And the amazing thing is that he can suck deep throat, as he reaches all the way down to his own balls. And he does it just sitting right up, not needing to lay on his back. Many guys have self-sucking as the ultimate fantasy, but very few have the ability to make it happen. Have you tried it? We bet you at least thought about it. Now, if you can’t do it yourself, you can enjoy Dimi’s show.

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Twink with Very Long Dong

With just one video published at PornHub, we o must say that this young man picked the right one to attract our interest. LucaTwink wants to show us his goodies to make us surf to his OnlyFans pages. And after having seen his slim, smooth and sexy body we want to have more of him for sure. Here Luca is revealing that he also is equipped with a very long dong.  As he has shaved his pubic hair, it looks even longer. Luca knows how to please himself in this jerk off session, and we can clearly see that he enjoys to masturbate.

Adorable French College Students

In this episode of French Twinks, it is a funny encounter when Timothe enters the room he shares with Abel and find him masturbating to gay porn. This is the start of a juicy and hot session between to adorable young college students. Abel’s cock is one of a kind, very big, smooth and beautifully shaped, so it is easy to understand that the young man’s tool is very appetizing for Timothe.
He seems to love to caress it and suck it with great enthusiasm. But this session evolves into rimming and other kind of ass play. It is a pleasure to watch these physically fit guys in action. As it turns out, the eighteen years old Abel gets on top of Timothe and fuck him from behind. This smart top uses a condom, so it is safe play, and he is a good role model for every guy who likes man to man sex.

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