Gay Orgy at Gym

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It smells of great effort and sweat in this gym attended exclusively by beautiful twinks! Paul Delay and Maël Dumas train in pairs while Jules Laroche is on the bench press and the British athlete Alex Faux goes on flip-back and does the splits. While Paul helps Mael to make push-ups by supporting him by the hips, the shorts of the twink slides and reveals his cock in full erection! Paul, who suspected that the young Mael had a boner is dying laughing, Jules sprays a mouthful of water at the absurdity of the situation and Alex jumped from his gym bench to observe his buddies with interest. Of course Paul will not leave Mael in this state of sexual tension and he kneels to suck him. Jules and Alex begin jacking off, exchanging smouldering eyes and then all mix to suck, eat ass and fuck with energy. The three French boys will end squirting on Alex’s angel face, who covered in hot semen will cum in turn.
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A Big Bare Afternoon Ride

Justin has just finished work and he’s been desperate for a hook up. One text is all it takes for Dylan to come over for an afternoon ride on that hard young bareback boner. With too much cum in his cock needing release Justin doesn’t wait, a little kissing and he’s heading south to discover the big turgid cock in Dylan’s shorts. The greedy sucking is just a teaser, after getting his own slender boner licked and slurped by the gorgeous lean boy his meat is sliding into that naked butt hole and tight little Dylan is riding for all he’s worth. The pleasure only grows as he takes it from behind, his smooth little rump humped with his big heavy boner swinging below. Finally on his back and jacking his girthy tool Dylan can’t hold back, his cum leaping from his dick while Justin plows his hole. The sight and smell of fresh twink jizz soon has our top boy ready to join in, pulling out and jacking his boner, unleashing a torrent of milky goodness all over his freshly relieved fuck buddy! Clearly the boy needed that, so much cum!

Boy Crush


Teen Hookup

Classmates, Chase Williams, and Trent Olsen are craving some raunchy release after a long, hard day, cooped up in class. So, the hung, horned up, high schoolers hightail it to Trent’s place, to christen his parent’s bedroom with a big bonered, boy bang! Clothes fall to the ground, and tongues intertwine the second the sexed up, young studs reach the room, where Williams takes the lead. He lays into Olsen’s appendage with his thirsty throat, taking the twink’s titanium hard dick down deep. Then, the huge hogged high schooler hops up, and crams his oversized crotch in Trent’s hungry cock sucker. He fucks his buddy’s face for a bit, then spins around to give the twink a taste of his other end. After the ass eating, schlong sucking 69 session, Williams wriggles around once more, and hops on Trent’s tent pole for a pulse pounding, piece ride. Balancing the scales, nimble naughty boy Chase moves back, and aims his incredible appendage at Trent’s tight hole. He bangs the boy on his back like a drum, dicking the dude down, AND, beating his meat for him every now and again. The full service treatment takes Trent to the edge, and he floods his peaches and cream torso with a load of liquid fuck fireworks. But, our boy is still thirsty for more; so, he offers his cock sucker to the wild wad Williams is working up! He drinks every delicious drop, fresh from Chase’s heaving hose. Wanting a taste himself, Williams plants a nice wet one on Olsen’s ooze covered kisser. more…Chase-Williams--Trent-Olsen-008

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Sweet Talk

Two of the HOTTEST guys on our roster, Alex Riley, and Tyler Sweet are hangin’ at the Helix mansion, reminiscing about a scalding threeway session, and some super hot spanking. Naturally, the devilishly good, dirty talk sets the boy’s bones ablaze, and they end up naked, knockin’ back boners like a couple college guys at a kegger. After drinking their fill in dick, Alex tosses Tyler’s legs in the air and takes taste of that world class ass. He hikes the hot hind end in the air, giving us a perfect view of pretty boy’s perfect little, pink pucker.
Then, he works Sweet’s beautiful back seat with a cock stiffening combo of tongue, and thick, thrusty fingers. Next, the bronze skinned seat crusher crams his cock deep in the dude’s can. He glides his entire girth in, not stopping till his balls smack that beautiful booty. Then, he cranks up the heat. Riley rams that rump raunchy, railing the boy’s backroad with bionic bone thrusts on his back, side, and all fours; before, Tyler tells him he wants a ride on that raging rig.
Sweet sits his tight, muscular twunk trunk on his top’s tripod, then rides Riley’s beast like a bucking bull. Alex hammers the boy’s bum down even harder with a little love choke, which sends Sweet over the edge. He grabs his hard dick and douses Alex with an explosive load, that nails the caramel colored cocksmith right in the face! The rest of his cream covers Riley’s ripped torso right down the middle. The titanic batch shoots a sizzling sensation to sack; and, Alex splatters their crotches with another fresh flood of cum.

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