Gael Payet First Time

Dive into the behind-the-scenes of French Twinks and follow as if you were there the adventures of young beginners making their first steps in the world of adult entertainment. Discoveries, learning, love stories, clashes, and fun between twinks rhythm the episodes of this unique reality series that mixes moments of life, interviews, and hot action.

In this first episode, we follow Gaël Payet, an 18-year-old boy, who is welcomed by Nathan Belair…

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Very Tight Fit

Dripping with desire, sexy, young CJ Parker, and tight bodied beauty Adam Reid are on fire! After a meat- thickening make out that causes Parker’s package to overflow, Reid has a raunchy request. “Let me suck this dick,” he says, then quickly stuffs CJ’s juicy jock down his thirsty throat, in a gagging, gulping good knob job, that has Parker dishing out raunchy words of encouragement. CJ brings the boy up for air with a kiss; then, with wide eyes, he hooks onto Reid’s waistband, and unwraps that colossal cock of his. Parker is ravenous, downing dick like a hungry whore, ass in the air, as Adam spreads that sexy seat for the camera. Raunch talker Reid then smacks CJ on the ass, and orders him to take a raw ride.
Much obliged, Parker hops on the pretty boy’s big beast, and does his tight twink best to take Adam’s oversized appendage. It’s certainly a sexy struggle; and, definitely hot as hell to watch! From then on, it’s an erotic, ass smashing, dirty talking, hard pounding punishing, as Reid rams his rock hard rod in Parker’s tight lil’ pucker in several salacious positions. He hammers into the young hottie till CJ jizzes his twink juice all over the blanket below them. Adam watches with wonder, then paints parker’s pretty, freshly pounded pucker with porn star putty till it overflows. More…

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Huge Twink Cock

Tatted & tasty, Spikey Dee wraps his arms around beautiful, teen twink Adam Reid, and kisses him hard, as the perfect pair strip down to their drawers. Dee’s bulge is unbelieveable, and rod hungry Reid heads south to slather Spikey’s super sized schlong with porny praise. Dee helps the dude dive in deep with a hand at the back of his head, and a hearty helping of dirty talk. With his dick bricked up, Spikey is ready to rumble. He manuvers Adam over to the bed, puts hom on his back, then crams his king sized cock in raw, and deep. Like a whore in heat, Reid tosses his head back, and moans for more. Spikey then smacks the porcelain skinned pretty boy on the butt, and orders him to hop on for a ride.
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The camera catches the super hot, hole stretching action close up for your pleasure, as the tight tushed twink bounces hard, and Dee hammers his hips up hard. Our hard bouncing bottom also has some incredible talent swingin’ between his legs; and, asks Dee if he’d like some of that dick. Like any bone hungry hottie, our boy hikes his heels up, and Reid stands up to deliver. The lil’ twink is just as good of a top as he is bottom, and quickly has Spikey opened up in absolute ecstasy. Reid’s rock hard- rump rammer hits all the right spots, causing Dee to deliver a delicious load that arches through the air, and splatters on his shredded stomach. His twitching tunnel clenches around Reid’s rod, and the boy busts, painting Dee’s well dicked hole with white hot heat. He pushes the cum covered tip back in, then kisses his too cute conquest full on the lips.

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Versatile Fun Between Twinks

A very beautiful summer duo featuring one of the stars of the studio, the handsome Nathan Belair with a young beginner who once again amazes us Gabriel Petit. These two beautiful versatile twinks offer you a hot, sensual, passionate and intense sex session crowned by very nice ejaculations. Warmed up by the beach and the sun, Gabriel and Nathan literally jump on each other. They kiss full on the mouth, undress and have an instant hard-on.
Nathan starts sucking Gabriel’s big cock before getting fucked hard. The roles are then reversed and Nathan eats and generously fingers Gabriel’s welcoming ass, which is more and more excited. Gabriel explodes with pleasure while being fucked and it’s his stomach still flooded with his sperm that he takes Nathan’s powerful ejaculation in the face.

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Silas Brooks Fucks Hot Blond Twink Adam Rei

Sexy top, stud-twink, Silas Brooks is back to bone beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed angel, Adam Reid! Brooks does not go easy on the slender slut,
but bottom boy takes every blow Big Dick Brooks bangs before swapping spots and giving the bad boy a raw, raunchy run for his meaty money!

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Theo Leclerc First Time

For his very first time in front of the cameras, Théo Leclerc is in the company of the charming Zack Maurin, who started at FT a few months before him. The complicity is immediate between the two boys and it’s a real romance that unfolds before our eyes. After passionate and very cuddly foreplay, the two boys move on to a torrid 69 alternating blowjob, rimming and fingering.
Zack’s tight ass begins to expand from the licks. Theo can’t wait to taste Zack’s little ass and after being sucked off for a few more moments in deep throat his dick is hard as wood. Ready to move on to the main course, Theo penetrates the narrow orifice of Zack who begins to moan. From there the back-and-forth will not stop with variations of powers and rhythms which seem to particularly delight Zack. The two twinks keep kissing and both hold back from cumming before the end. It’s then Theo who sends a nice squirt on Zack’s face before getting his face sprayed in turn.

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Who Sucks Who – Noah vs Nathan

The boys of French Twinks compete in a game of skill and the loser will have to suck the winner. With “Who Sucks Who” the beginning of the scene is defined by the skill of each of the players. In this episode, it’s Nathan who loses to Noah and the young twink is absolutely delighted to be offered a greedy and deep blowjob.
The two boys kiss, their boxers fall off and they jerk each other off before Nathan starts showing interest in Noah’s tight ass. Nathan applies himself to dilate the tight hole of his partner thanks to expert tongue thrusts and encouraged by the moans of pleasure of Noah he doesn’t take long to penetrate him. The two smooth twinks will fuck wildly and energetically until Nathan cums on Noah’s ass before receiving a facial.

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