Gay teen Gordon – Slim and fit!

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This very active gay teen boy named Gordon loves almost all kind of sports. Biking, swimming, football, and fitness. So besides his law studies he jobs at a fitness center. When people see him first the don’t believe that one hour of training with Gordon can be very exhausting. But even though Gordon is quite slim he is in an very good condition.
At the center Gordon met his new boyfriend. One evening he was alone with this teen gay in the studio and they both felt very attracted by the other one. So it happened that they had their first great sex under the shower. Now they are a very cute couple. more…
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Julian fucks Sencer

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Julian goes over to Sencer’s place to tell him about his first teen gay hookup. One thing leads to another and before you know it Julian is pounding the smooth gay teen’s tight little ass. Sencer rides the dominate muscle top’s dick hard. Then the hunk flips the boyish teen boy over and pounds his barely legal ass doggy style. Julian flips the horny little bottom over on his back and bangs the hairless teen gay until Sencer shoots his creamy load. Then the horny hunk finishes himself on the tiny boys hairless stomach. more…
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Two Southerner Teen Gays

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Chase Young and Jade Parker head over to a friends house to hang out. But upon arriving they come to find that there is no one home. They don’t wait to long before deciding to have a quickie while they wait. Jade wastes no time, slurping down the southern gay teen boys rock hard cock, and rimming his tight bubble butt. Jade flips Chase over. With Chase’s huge ass in the air Jade dominates his tight teen gay hole, Doggy style missionary and more! click
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Buenos Boys – Marco

Marco would be adorable in anybody’s book, regardless of what type they’re into. I met Marco walking through a park in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima, Peru. The park was crowded with tourists and hustlers, many of whom were hot as hell, but Marco stood out in the crowd for sure; an adorable boy in a baseball cap—for a moment—eclipsed everything. I had to say hello.
My first impression, as we started talking, was that Marco really is the ultimate street teen boy from a poor neighborhood, the type who would wander the streets looking for fun, trouble or opportunity with no particular preference. Captivated, I invited him to come to the beach with me and some friends an hour north of Lima. He loved the beach—had never been outside of Lima before, and he couldn’t get enough of the water.
He was barely 18 years old, and we were thrilled when he agreed to shoot a scene for us, jerking off for our cameras right there on the beach. He was a lot more relaxed than the typical newcomer, and shooting him from every angle as he got bigger and harder was a job that didn’t feel like a job. We found some big rocks and he laid down on them and began stroking for us. He stood up at one point, looking out at the water, and it was then I really noticed what a cute little butt he has. Round and smooth. I wonder if he likes it played with!
He moved over to another set of rocks for his cumshot, and then surprised us all by doing a cartwheel as ran into the waves for one last dip!
Two years later, I was back in Peru and ran into Marco unexpectedly. Since Marco had disappeared after the trip to the beach, we never had the opportunity to shoot photos of Marco, and he agreed to pose for some—so if you notice a slight age discrepancy between his photos and his scene, that’s why!

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Gary 18 – new teen boy from AlexBoys

Gary is Harry‘s younger brother. He was always jealous about Harry‘s model work and wanted to attend as well. "Come back when you’re 18" we said. So now he is 18 and here he is.

I cannot tell you anything about his sexual experience, because he has none.

If you guys like him, we will pair him up with others. So please leave your comments (he will read them too 😉 more…

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