Erwin and Thorsten from BoysFox

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Riverz Rams Keine – Helix Studios

Riverz Rams Keine 
Chris Riverz is known for his big twink cock and newbie Keine learns all about it. The boys get hot and bothered tongue fighting and dipping their hands down each other’s pants. Keine apparently has an underwear fetish and teases Chris River’s hard cock over his boxer briefs before impressively deep throating it. Sorgen gets an urge to get stuffed with dick and sits his hairless ass cheeks down on River’s pole for a ride. Keine’s boy hole gets pounded, and he take 8" like a pro twink slut! Click here
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Great Cute Wank

Lovely cock, especially the foreskin, great body, cute arsehole, great little moans and a big load of cum – perfect!


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College Boy Physicals – Nathan

Nathan came into the College Boy Physicals offices to get a check up. The team has a huge road game coming up and his lower back had been killing him so he wanted the doctor to check him out and make sure everything was okay. He hoped the doctor could help with the pain in his back.

The first thing the doctor did was check his vitals, checked his temperature and made sure he didn’t have fever. So far everything looked good so the Doc told Nathan to get naked. As Nathan pulled off his pants and boxers and the horny doctor took one look at that massive cock and his mouth started to water. He had Nathan lie back on the exam table and started checking him out. As he did a hernia check he made sure to fully check Nathan’s balls and gave his shaft a few strokes.
Nathan laid back and relaxed as the good doctor took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it. The doctor told him to relax that this was an alternative technique. Nathan wanted his back to get better so he let the Doc work his magic. That it felt amazing having his cock stroked by this guy was just an added bonus. The horny Doc continued to stroke and Nathan was moaning and breathing hard as he got rock hard.

Nathan’s dick is so big that the doctor could use both hands on his shaft and work it like he was digging a hole with post hole digger. The faster the doctor stroked the more the pain left Nathan’s back. The Doc is a real pro and know how to work a guy’s cock with his hands so it doesn’t take long and Nathan explodes. He sends a giant batch of jizz flying and covers his tight belly and massive cock. The doctor steps back and lets Nathan finish himself off. After the orgasm settles the pain in Nathan’s back is completely gone. It is the best physical therapy he has ever had. click here

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