Penetrating Luda Wayne

We’ve watched Luda Wayne evolve slowly since he first graced our screen. First was his solo where, in his interview, he hinted at some boy on boy action in his history. Then after he showed us his fucking action with a plastic pussy we paired him up with his friend Jonathan to see if he could do a bit of light action with another boy. Once he passed that test, his next hurdle was fucking a boy… More…

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Luda Wayne's Bubble Bath. There is something sexy about a hot boy in a hot bath. And Luda Wayne is one of the hottest boys we know. Luda has had some sexy moments in the water before, but this time was particularly sexy. Something about Luda's smooth skin with the water flowing ov... Brent Lockhart & Luda Wayne. Luda Wayne was very clear with us from the start that he was str8. And his scene with his best friend Jonathan did nothing to convince us otherwise.But Luda is nothing if not open minded and so he agreed to trying to fuck a boy, just to see what it would ...
Xavier Powell. Sweet twink boy Xavier Powell has many fascinating characteristics and in this video we let him show us, in detail, all the things that make him so hot. Of course there are those rippling abs, and his beautiful smooth skin, and lets not forget we have to ... Trent Evans & Julien Cox. After seeing Trent Evans' huge cock we started to wonder what bottom we could pair him with. When we asked around to some of the usual suspects they all respectfully declined after seeing the pictures of what they were up against. But then Julien Cox step...

3 thoughts on “Penetrating Luda Wayne”

  1. Luda Wayne is absolutely gorgeous. I’d gladly pay for some time with a cutie like him.

  2. por favor. que tiver fotos desse carinha ai, luda wayne ou videos ou o telefone dele.
    me envieee.


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