Bobby Long is 19 years old

It’s been almost a year since Bobby Long graced our camera. For months now Bobby has been in self-imposed exile from the homo-erotic temptations of the big city, busying himself with his job at a restaurant and girls in a small town about an hour away. But spring was in the air and Bobby was feeling the need to be back in the company of boys who like boys. Bobby’s gained a little bit of weight, which looks great on him and added a lip ring (but it’s a clip on). More…

Bobby Long is 19 years old, is 5’7" tall, weighs 125 lbs and has a 8" uncut cock.

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4 thoughts on “Bobby Long is 19 years old”

  1. This is incredible this Bobby Long. So I guess these are French-Canadian boys. I love hearing him talk about sex with his girl friend and seeing him show his hole. God how perfect.

    • This is a fantastic post and I just love Bobby Long and all his content from Squirtz and I think also You Love Jack. He is just so beautiful and the most perfect teenage boy, and Quebecois. I love all the Squirtz posts and DoggyBoys post also.

  2. All the beautiful butt shots reminded me of a DVD I bought I guess years ago, which featured a beautiful Czech teenage boy getting his cock sucked off in a parked car. The problem was that he had his cock out, but kept his tight blue jeans on and his beautiful perfect ass filled the picture, but you never got to see his bare ass exposed, but you could see how perfect it was, and I was driven half mad from desire and frustration.


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