Self-suck King

Most of the self-suck videos, we have come across, are with really young guys. Those guys seem to be short, have the perfect combination of a flexible spine and a big cock. But here at PornHub we found Dimi, who is around 25 yeas old and a master self-sucker. Dimi has his own video-channel, and he has published several videos of himself as he enjoys the taste of hid hard cock.
And the amazing thing is that he can suck deep throat, as he reaches all the way down to his own balls. And he does it just sitting right up, not needing to lay on his back. Many guys have self-sucking as the ultimate fantasy, but very few have the ability to make it happen. Have you tried it? We bet you at least thought about it. Now, if you can’t do it yourself, you can enjoy Dimi’s show.

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    • He and I were friends on PH for most of the time be was active. He was always cool to talk eith. Sadly, earlier this year after nearly six months of no activity, he simply vanished…all videos deleted, his account closed. I wish I knew. He was one of the very best, easily ranking up there with DickHaynes, Jiffman, Jake Longitudo and Jamie Lanst.


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